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The 2016 Geolympix Mega is brought to you by a dedicated team of volunteers; experienced cachers with over 74,000 finds, 1,000 hides, 990 events attended, 166 events organised and 48 years of geocaching experience between them! (As of Aug 26th 2015. Will be updated.)

Click here to see this cacher's Geocaching.com profile METAL-BIJOU aka James Gray proposed a South East UK or London Mega event for around the time of the 2012 Olympics in August 2009 and the idea was soon taken up and developed into the original Oxford 2012 Geolympix Mega. Playing the game since 2007, Metal-Bijou organised a group of cachers to visit 9 countries in 72 hours to attend an Austrian Mega in 2010 and has also organised events in New York, Norway and New Jersey.

The first geocaching event James organised was a proverbial P' up in a Brewery - repeated several times! - and he also organised a very successful 10 Years! event in May 2010 to celebrate the anniversary of the first cache being hidden. James is committed to bringing the very best Geolympix experience he can to visitors. After all, it was his idea.

When not caching, James enjoys spending time with his young, growing family and wrestling bears. Koalas count, right?

Click here to see this cacher's Geocaching.com profile DRSOLLY aka Dr Alan Solomon is one of Europe's leading geocachers in terms of numbers found, despite only becoming a 'cacher in 2006. He, along with ladysolly, his wife - has covered many tens of thousands of miles in pursuit of caches and maintains a frankly amazing number of finds-per-day average. He's also 'that Dr Solomon', the man behind the famous anti-virus brand and is often in lists of the top 10 influential Brits in the world of IT, alongside such luminaries as Sir Clive Sinclair and Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Alan brings unparalleled knowledge and experience of caching to the Geolympix, plus a passion for caching gadgets that help him cache smarter, not harder. He'll be talking about his caching tech' at the meet and will be available to talk about his 42,000+ finds (as of August 16th 2015.) Committed? Some say he should be! :)

Click here to see this cacher's Geocaching.com profile ALIBAGS aka Alison Clayton has been an enthusiastic cacher since 2004, clocking up well over 8,000 finds and over 180 hides. She was one of the main forces behind the setting up of the popular Bucks/Beds/Herts Border-ing on the Ridiculous series of monthly events and adopted England's oldest surviving cache; GC171, as well as many old caches in the area, helping to secure the history of geocaching for future generations of 'cachers. Alison is new to the Geolympix Team.
Click here to see this cacher's Geocaching.com profile HAPPY_HUNTER_HP20 aka Graham is a stats-mad setter of evil puzzles. Based in Aylesbury, Bucks, he's racked up an impressive 2800+ finds and 119+ finds/attends since beginning geocaching in October 2012. He's hosted no fewer than 16 meets in that time, several with the theme of puzzle setting and/or cake appreciation. Not to excess though; he's a runner. Graham is new to the Geolympix Team, having started caching after the last one. He's caught up well though!
Also thanks to Team Hippo, Trixie81 & Liberal Giraffe who make up the Geolympix Lab Cache Team!
Click here to see this cacher's Geocaching.com profile SIMPLY PAUL aka Paul Smith has been geocaching since 2003 and is well known in the 'caching community, both as a prolific setter of geocaches (he was the first person in the UK to place over 100) and as a dedicated organiser of unusual events - in July 2015 he became the UK's first cacher to host 100. This started in 2006 when he took a group up England's highest peak, Scafell Pike, to find the cache on its top. He followed this with a 2007 trip to St Kilda for Britain's Most Remote Cache Event and in 2008 organised a meet on St Agnes, the UK's most southerly populated island. In 2009 he lead a caching expedition to Britain's most northerly point, Muckle Flugga and in 2010 did the reverse, with meets on all the Channel Isles, including the near-unreachable Minkies. He's also organised meets on top of the Three Peaks - the highest mountains in England, Wales and Scotland and at the top of Tower 42, the highest publicly accessible location in London. A meet in Greenwich Park was the first known event to be held on the meridian, in both hemispheres at once!

For many, Paul's best known for his BBC Countryfile Video Diary on Geocaching, which was aired in February 2005 and introduced many people to the game. Setting some of the UK's most remote caches, including one on Unst in the Shetlands, one on St Kilda in the wild North Atlantic and Britain's only cache to start N48°, Paul has shown cachers some truly unique places and brings a wealth of experience to the first Geolympix Mega event.

Click here to see this cacher's Geocaching.com profile HAFORN aka Sarah Eagle began caching in July 2010 and in less than 22 months found over 5,000. She's now approaching her 10,000th find/attend after a 501-day streak. When she's not caching Sarah is a physics teacher, who got a taste for Mega events at the Welsh Mega in 2011 before being roped into the 2012 Geolympix team. In that role she hosted the Post-Marathon Pub Event and contributes to the Geolympix Legacy by owning and maintaining the 5-ring, 26+mile/43+Km Geolympix Marathon Series. This makes the most of a beautiful area, made famous by The Vicar of Dibley, Goodnight Mr Tom and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, among many other TV programmes and films. By being five rings of caches, hunters are brought back to parking and refreshment periodically so they're ideal for a few hours' fun or a long, tough day's caching on foot for a big-numbers trip out! Your chance to rack up approx. 110 finds, to make this your biggest ever numbers day?

Haforn brings great caching knowledge and lots of enthusiasm to the Geolympix, to say nothing of her keen eye for details, as you'd expect from a teacher.

Click here to see Geolympix Geoff's Geocaching.com trackable page GEOLYMPIX GEOFF - Every great event deserves a great mascot. The London 2012 Olympic Games had Mandeville & Wenlock. We have Geolympix Geoff, the cute, trackable gorilla. Georilla?

He was introduced to the wild/public at The original Geolympix Launch Party in Swansea, ahead of the Welsh Mega in July 2011. It's now very hard to find a Project A.P.E. cache (the last one left is near Sao Paulo in Brazil. Excuse for a holiday?) and while this isn't quite the same, at least... Geoff is an ape. He (or a fluffy beast very much like him - we're already pretty attached) will be a prize in the Geolympix raffle. Be sure to Discover him if you get a chance. He's wearing his TB tag medal-style :)

There is also the full-sized incarnation of Geoff which can be spotted at events and caching, from time to time. His logs and forum posts include some cryptic held for seekers of a future Geolympix Geoff cache..!

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