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The 2016 Geolympix Mega is brought to you by a dedicated team of volunteers, but we can't do everything by ourselves! There are many ways to help support the Geolympix, and by doing so, also support charities and the UK MAZE Fund. The Geolympix Mega Event is a free to attend, not-for-profit event, yet its organisation requires considerable financial and practical support. Venue costs, insurance and coin production are just the tip of the iceberg. The organisers are taking on individual liabilities but attendees and non-attendees alike can help a lot. This is a caching-community event by - and for - geocachers.

Help the Geolympix confirm Mega status:
The Geolympix became the first UK Mega to regain Mega status, on February 1st 2016; six months before the big day. Thank you to everyone who followed the request below (which still stands!) and helped us hit the 300 Will Attend logs we needed. It makes a huge difference to our planning.
Register your Will Attend log - complete with how many people who use the same caching account will be coming with you to the event - at GC5XXYY - GEOLYMPIX : ASHRIDGE 2016. If you could also say how many of them are youngsters and if you're bringing a dog or dogs, that would also be appreciated. It'll help us plan.

Help promote the Geolympix by:

  • Adding a link to GC5XXYY, the event page on your cache listings.
  • Linking to the event on your logs. Simply adding 'Don't miss the Geolympix: http://coord.info/gc5xxyy' will produce 'Don't miss the Geolympix: (visit link)'
  • Talking about it with your caching friends, via Facebook, Twitter or in person - perhaps at events?
  • Add an Email signature line to your caching mails. How about "Visit the Geolympix - GC5XXYY! Ashridge, Sunday July 31st 2016. Geolympix.org"?
  • Putting a Geolympix Banner Graphic on your cache page/s. You've a choice: Large - Medium - Small - Please make them clickable if you can!
    Click here for GC5XXYY
Help fund the Geolympix by:
  • Visiting a Geolympix Countdown event and buying some Geolympix Goodies!
  • Ordering something via our online shop page.
  • Using Geocacheland.com, our partner.
  • Preorder a Geolympix Champions Pack, available in Gold, Silver and Bronze versions. Full details follow soon.
  • Pick up a little something at the Geolympix stand at the Geolympix itself.
Host/set a Geolympix event or cache/s if you're local to Ashridge.
Please co-ordinate with us about helping to fill the D/T Grid with caches within 10 miles/16Km of the Geolympix, set FTFrenzy caches to go live on the day of the Geolympix or help with any of the Geolympix features. Just Email us.

Volunteers are also needed to help with registration throughout the day, selling raffle tickets, manning stalls, stewarding and running external events. Please email us with your offers of help!

Bring something to the event for the 'The Cache of Dreams', which will be won by a visitor to the Geolympix. This is a large ammo box,suitable for hiding, which will be stocked with an amazing selection of caching items.

You could also:
Hold a Geolympix fund-raising event.
Take part in one of the games at the Geolympix, such as the 'Where's Boxy?' map game.
Buy a raffle ticket to win an eTrex 30 or one of two Chirps supplied by GPSTraining.co.uk.
Bring a cunning cache for 'The Best Cunning Cache' competition.

If you run a Geocaching-related business you could:
Become a sponsor of the Geolympix.
Take a trade stand. These are a low-cost, high-value way of putting your products and services in front of a large, international gathering of geocaching consumers.
Everyone is also welcome to simply make a donation into the Geolympix account - Bank: Lloyds TSB / Account name: Geolympix / Sort-code: 30-90-38 / Acc. No: 36100768 - to help support the Geolympix, but really, we want you to have something for your money so please take a look at the Shop page. Any profit the event makes will be split three ways between our three focus charities, and to the UK MAZE Fund.

"Accept the Challenge!" - Copyright 2015-2016 - The Geolympix Team - All Rights Reserved