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The 2016 Geolympix Mega is brought to you by a dedicated team of volunteers, but we still have to pay for stuff! We need to raise several thousand pounds to realise our plans for the 2016 Ashridge Geolympix, so if something below catches your eye...


The lanyards are back! Tough, comfortable, cheap! Just £1 each or 11 for £10 (keep one, sell the others on? Use them as swaps? Great cache fillers!)

Also coming:

All new, extra-cool Geolympix T-shirts and Hoodies.

Geocoins in Gold, Silver and Bronze (can be worn for easy discovery!), complete with their own icon.

AANDs (formerly PuzTox, or Geolympix Puzzle Tokens) - great for puzzle setting, using in multis, etc.

Supporters Packs, including the above and extra goodies, are being prepared...

Much more!


We still have some goodies left over from the original Geolympix, held in Oxford at the end of July 2012. These are now being sold off at reduced prices to help fund the 2016 Ashridge Geolympix. Take your pick from the below!

Geolympix Lanyard (red), were £1. Now free with any other purchase of £5+, or 50p each.

Mono T-shirts. Were £8, now £5.

Hoodies. Were £18, now £12.

Trackable Transfer. Were £3, now £2.

Colour-print Tís. Were £10+, now £7.

Geolympix Ď12 Geocoins. Were £12 now £8 (or £15 for 2, or £21 for 3.)

2012 AANDs aka PuzTox. £1 each, very limited sets!

Other Goodies, inc. tweezers, torches, stickers, camo plastic, sleeping bags- £ Please ask!

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