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The 2016 Geolympix Mega is planned as the nicest, friendliest UK event... Ever!

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Email us or call 07746 787103
(+44 7746 787103 if outside the UK)

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Q. Can I bring my children / non-caching partner / dog / wheelchair?
A. Yes! The Geolympix is being designed to be child-friendly with things for them to do and if your family doesn't share your passion for caching, Ashridge and the surrounding area is a great place NOT to cache as well as a wonderful one to cache!

GeoDogs are very welcome and there's lots of shade for them in the woods. Water bowls will be provided by the cafe block.

Ashridge Estate has a toilet for disabled visitors and the majority of the site is wheelchair accessible.

FAQs continued:

Q. If it's a Mega event, why is it listed as a traditional/standard event?
A. As a 'non-annual recurring Mega' event, Groundspeak will only grant the 2016 Geolympix Mega status once 300 genuine Will Attend logs have been posted. Update: We regained Mega status on Feb 1st 2016; the first UK Mega ever to do so! However, the following still applies: So, if you intend coming, please head to the cache page and let us know how many people will be with you. Thanks!

Q. How much does it cost to attend the Geolympix?
A. It's a free event, at a free-to-enter location with lots of free parking, open to all Geocachers and those curious about this 'high-tech treasure-hunt game' who'd like to know more. If you'd like to help support the event (all profits to charity and the UK MAZE Fund) then there are a number of ways to do that, both in terms of your time and effort, and financially.

Q.Why does the Geolympix clash with Piratemania?
A. In some ways it doesn't - Piratemania IX's main day is Saturday (July 30th) and ours is Sunday (July 31st). When the 2016 Geolympix was originally announced (October 2013) we had to select a weekend which would be during both England/Wales and Scotland's school summer holidays and avoid clashing with the Rio Olympics and Paralympics themselves; we were tied into one weekend. There's a very busy summer calendar these days so we were bound to clash with something. It's a shame it's Piratemania but they are very different events which will no-doubt appeal to different cachers. The good news is people wishing to do both can, with a bit of planning. Think of it as an extra challenge - Two Megas, One Weekend!

Q. Who or what is a Geolympix Champion?
A. You are, we hope. Most UK Mega events fund themselves by having 'supporters' who buy a 'supporter's pack' containing geocoins and other goodies. We're doing something similar but making it a bit wider; you can be a Geolympix Champion by simply promoting the event, or buying a t-shirt or other Geolympix item to help pay for what's planned to be a memorable series of events and caches, as well as the big day itself. But yes, there are also Gold, Silver and Bronze Geolympix Champion packs too!

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