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The 2016 Geolympix is a Mega Geocaching event, attracting upwards of a thousand cachers from across the UK, Europe and beyond. As an International Celebration of Geocaching - as well as the UK's 20th Mega event - we've tried to introduce features never before seen in Europe.

This free-to-attend Summer Festival of Caching is brought to you by a dedicated team of volunteers with the aim of creating great geocaching memories, funny caching photos, a warm glow of challenge success and leaving you hungry for Geolympix 2020.

Basic Info:

Where: The Ashridge Estate, A free-to-enter National Trust property north of Berkhamsted, Herts, UK. Approx 30miles/50Km North-West of central London.

When: Sunday July 31st 2016 (Sunday to avoid Piratemania, and the weekend before the North Wales Mega).

What: A Geocaching Mega event intended to draw an international audience of over a thousand cachers; a Summer Festival of Caching and a celebration of this great game! We've big plans- read more below.

How: Getting to the 2016 Geolympix is easy. There's ample free parking on-site, which is easily reached from the M1 (J8-11) or M25 (J20, A41) motorways. Train travellers should alight at Tring Station and there's a nice walk from there to Ashridge of about 2 miles/3Km. We'll make sure you've a cache or two to find along the way too :)

Why: Why not? The first Geolympix was a big hit in 2012 and it seemed daft not to bring it back in another Olympic year, even though the event is in Rio, not up the road in London this time.

Who: An event for all Geocachers, from the curious and absolute beginners to grizzled old players who remember when you had to drive 150 miles to find a cache, and everyone inbetween! The venue is kid, dog and disabled cacher-friendly with lots of shade (fingers crossed) or cover (#GreatBririshSummer!)

Signal the Frog - Geocaching's Mascot The event is being brought to you by the Geolympix Team: Simply Paul* (est. 2003), metal-bijou* (est. 2007), Happy_Hunter_HP20 (est. 2012), Haforn* (est. 2010), Alibags (est. 2004) and drsolly* (est. 2006)
*Returning from the 2012 Geolympix Team.

Also joining in the Geolympix fun, Groundspeak's Mascot Signal the Frog!


Great New Geolympix features for 2016:

  • The UK's biggest cache (TBC).
  • A 'treemendous' Geolympix Woodland Labyrnith.
  • Our 'AlphaBet You Can't' Challenge: Find 26 caches, A-Z, in a day.
  • The UK and RoI's first National Geocaching Awards.
  • Geocaching Poetry Competition.
  • Great Lab Caches.
  • Unique 'Photo-Opportunity' Caches. Don't forget to bring a camera!
  • 'Cash Caches' - Find £50, £20, £10 or £5 in one of four special caches released as part of the FTFrenzy.
  • Other new Geolympix Challenges, including Find All Cache Sizes In A Day challenge.
  • Geocaching Film Festival, including the premiere of 'It's Not About the Numbness' (working title!)
  • A selection of Geolympix Legacy series with others coming.
  • More to be announced.

Returning from 2012's Oxford Geolympix:

  • Our famous FTFrenzy! (starts at noon).
  • Win The Geocache of Dreams (a big cache full o' stuff).
  • Raffle (but a better one).
  • AANDs (former Geolympix Puzzle Tokens/Puztok/Puztox) & new caches using them.
  • Geocaching sales stands in our Vendor Village.
  • The Geolympix Shop.
  • Our iconic Icon Challenge - You'll struggle to get 11 in 11 though!
  • Geocoin and other trackable swapping.
  • The Geolympix Marathon loops (26+ miles, 5 rings, 108 caches), Cyclerama (25 caches + bonus) and Solar System (11 caches) series.

Learn more about the Geolympix:
Twitter - @Geolympix

And for National Geocaching Awards info:
Twitter - @GeocacheAwards

Recommended camp site: Town Farm Camping (Pitstone. Within walking distance of the Geolympix.) News from the site: "Our 2016 dates are now available to book online. We take two night minimum bookings for July and we do get booked up early" - so don't delay! Please mention the Geolympix when booking to be placed with other cachers.
The 2016 Geolympix programme (subject to change):
7am: The Ashridge venue opens for exhibitors & team for setting up.
9am The 2016 Geolympix opens to the caching public! There will be a log book to sign.
10am Welcome speech by the 2016 Geolympix Team, inc. Will Attend log prize draw/announcement.
11am Geolympix Caching Poetry Competition begins.
12noon FTF Caches info released; Good luck in the FTFrenzy!
1pm Geolympix Talk: DrSolly’s Q&A. Learn the efficiency tricks of one of the UK's leading cache finders.
2pm The Geolympix Film Festival begins with the premiere of 'It's Not About the Numbness' (working title.)
4pm The Cache of Dreams awarded to one attendee (no entry fee)
5pm The National Geocaching Awards open. Help us celebrate the best in British & Irish Caching!
8pm Sunset event starts at Ivinghoe Beacon, close by. Sun down at 8:49pm)
9pm The 2016 Geolympix officially closes.
9-11pm Night caching! Please be quiet and leave the Ashridge Estate in orderly fashion.
11pm Everyone off-site please. People will be tired and will want to go home :)

At and around Ashridge, for cachers & non-cachers:

Pre-Geolympix events:

  • July 14: GC54AXR - Geolympix 2016 Discussion Meet #1
  • July 15: GC5WW4G - Geolympix 2016 Launch Picnic!
  • Aug 15: GC60YFN - BAD Zoot, Naughty Zoot! Aka Geolympix Countdown 11
  • Sept 15: GC62F9D - Geolympix Countdown 10: Avebury Circle.
  • Oct 15: GC6361H - BBH#94 Bordering on No Roads! aka Geolympix Countdown 9
  • Nov 15: GC669Y7 - Geolympix Countdown 8: Swansea
  • Dec 15: GC67RQD - Geolympix Countdown 7: Coombe Hill - Goodbye 2015!
  • Jan 16: GC67C85 - Roundabout MK Meets #8 - Geolympix Countdown 6
  • Feb 16: GC6A0P7 - Geolympix Countdown 5: Lincoln - Feb 18th 2016.
  • Mar 16: GC6A937 - Geolympix Countdown 4: Amsterdam - March 14th 2016.
  • Apr 16: Geolympix Countdown 3: (TBA)
  • May 16: GC6DEH3 - Geolympix Countdown 2: Above London Again! - May 7th 2016.
  • June 16: Geolympix Countdown 1: (TBA)

Don't worry, we'll hold regular Geolympix events across the last half of 2015 and in 2016, on the run up to the event, so you'll get to hear all about it - and make your own suggestions to help shape it. We're keen to get the wishes of the caching community at the heart of the 2016 Geolympix so we're always open to suggestions even if you can make this - or other - meets.

Partners and Sponsors:
Without whom the Geolympix wouldn't be possible. Please show them your support.

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