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AANDs - Aluminium AlphaNumeric Discs - formerly known as Puzzle Tokens, or a PuzTok (singular) or PuzTox (plural) are handy little discs in ten colours. Each has the Geolympix logo on the front (the 2012 orginals, and 2016 Mk.2s) and on the rear, ten letter and number combinations. Every one of the ten different colours has its own unique combination of numbers and letters (eg. A=3, B=1, C=0, D=9, E=5, F=2, G=7 H=8, J=4 & K=6) and its own slogan, making them powerful tools for setting and finding puzzle caches, and much much more. Updated info from 2012 (which still holds true, as the 2016 AANDs have the same colour/letter/number combinations. Only the slogans have changed) is below.

To sum up: AANDs are currently unique to the Geolympix (but feel free to make your own. Just follow the number/colour/letter combinations to keep yours compatable with ours) and are cool, collectable, useful and shiny. They make great FTF prizes, swaps (worth £1 each) and signature items. When used in the wild - most usually as physical stages for a Multi Cache - they've proven very robust and durable. When used to set caches, they're a fun addition to the game.

Know your AANDs! Based on GxProxy's Sigmarx, our 1.15"/32mm x 2mm etched anodised aluminium discs were called Puzzle Tokens, or PuzTox for short (since one is a PuzTok, several are PuzTox) but Groundspeak objected to the name (no, we don't know why either. Too like Pathtags?) and so they were renamed Aluminium AlphaNumeric Discs instead. AANDs for short.

As you can see below, the front of each AAND is based on the Geolympix Geocoin design and each rear carries both a number and a letter for setting or solving puzzles, a slogan -a bit of fun, but can also be used to create/solve puzzles)- and each AAND can be identified by its colour too.

A further level of potential puzzle-setting (and therefore finding) is added by more letters and numbers around the outer ring - different on each colour. Each 'AAND' is an object which singularly can be a powerful puzzle-setting/solving tool, but in combination with more of the set, becomes amazingly flexible. We've also seen many used as the physical stage in Multi caches. The small hole in the top makes them easy to nail, screw or zip-tie in place.

Click to see a larger image How to use AANDs Congratulations on getting your hands on some Geolympix AANDs or a singular AAND. They're hardwearing anodised aluminium discs that can be used to hide and find caches (puzzle/mystery, multis or letterbox hybrid). To the left is a fictional Silver example. Reference letter: I. Reference number: 0. Reference colour: Silver. Reference slogan: "Where Next?". Supplementary codes: A=1 B=2 C=3 D=4 E=5 F=6 G=7 H=8 J=9.

Real AANDs: 10 designs with slogans, lettered A-K (no I to avoid confusion with 1), Numbered 0-9, Coloured Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Black, Gold, Bronze, Aqua (Aquamarine), Purple and Forest (Dark Green).

How to find a cache with one or more AAND/s: Work out which AAND the cache has been set with and apply logic! They can be used in cunning ways (a cache page encrypted in ROT-Blue, caches hidden with several AANDs, etc) but identifying which AAND you need to decipher the hider's co-ords is the first hurdle. They may be kind and say or give you some clear clues on the cache page. Why not try the AAND caches hidden around some Geolympix venues to get the hang of how they can be used? They've been placed to show some ideas off.

How to set a cache with one or more AAND/s: Firstly, ensure AAND is in the cache name, to help people identify that they'll need one or more AANDs to locate the cache. You can set a cache with single AAND, giving its colour, slogan, main letter or number to identify it and a simple formula that applies to the location. Using the coin example above, a cache at N51 24.398 W000 57.061 could be descrived as being "hidden at N51 2D.CJH W000 5G.IFA using the Silver AAND" - or I, 0, or Where Next? AAND. Combine AANDS to be more creative: ('Northings Gold/Westings Bronze!' or 'They were Born To Cache in the north but westerners perfer Box Hunting' or 'Co-ords need to be docoded using A, B & C AAND, thus: [[A-B]+C]' or 'The co-ord numbers given refer to the upside-down, lower-most digit on the coresponding AAND'). We're keen to see how creatuve you get and what you come up with!

Important: Please don't share the code number & letter combinations or make it obvious which colour relates to which slogan, number or main letter, even by accident - photograph them as if they were coins with tracking numbers on them & only show the generic Geolympix Logo side. Thanks. For Groundspeak to approve the setting of AAND caches, you may also need to include another method of working out the cache-coords.


2016 Geolympix AAND front design

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